Falmouth Uncovered is a historical walking tour that peels away the centuries and reveals Falmouth as it used to be — a raucous melting pot of pirates, sailors and adventurers. This is a history tour with fire in its belly, and with gripping stories for grown-ups and fun activity sheets for children, there is something for everyone to enjoy. There’s nowhere else in the world quite like Falmouth, and after you’ve experienced the tour you’ll never see it in quite the same way again. 

You'll also be helping to make Cornwall the best it can be — 10% of every ticket is donated to local charities. 


Connecting with local history adds colour and excitement into our modern lives, especially when visiting somewhere new. This is especially true with Falmouth — this town has a historical story well worth hearing!


14:00 – 15:30

 Every day except Monday and Thursday*.

Tours run in (almost) any weather. 

*Tours on Wednesday will follow an accessible route if required.


The Killigrew Monument — the granite pyramid opposite the Grove Place Car Park. 

Please book tickets beforehand. A map of the meeting place will be included in the confirmation email.

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"The tour was brought to life by real stories and funny anecdotes that would appeal to all ages. We had a real insight into the history of Falmouth. We would definitely recommend that you include this tour as part of your visit to Falmouth."

Anna Smith, Oxfordshire

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